What to Expect in 2017

The Agitator is my favorite blog and a daily “must-read” every morning. Their November 9th post titled, “What’s Next?” was posted the day after the election.

It states: “What does the election of Donald Trump mean? Of course, no one really knows. Fear, anger, hope, disappointment, rage and joy bounce off our collective emotional wall. Those of us in progressive advocacy fundraising view President-elect Trump as the Orange Menace. Civil liberties, civil rights, environmental, community organizing and a host of others are already laying plans to mitigate the coming damage by rallying their donors.

‘Let the Resistance Begin’ is our battle cry. A repeat of the same feelings we had when Ronald Regan swept into office in 1980. The result? An enormous wave of liberal support sprang up to meet that “menace.” In 1980, the last big political revolution in the U.S., advocacy groups opposed to the Reagan agenda mobilized, rallied their donors and constituents and enjoyed the best fundraising and growth decade since their founding.”

But what about those organizations not politically motivated like those in social services, animal rights, healthcare, higher education and the arts? I think 2017 is showing signs that the outlook is positive.

Giving typically trends with the GDP and the current GDP is the highest it’s been in two years. According to business and finance publisher Kiplinger, expect GDP growth in 2018 and 2019 to be spurred by the fiscal stimulus of tax cuts and infrastructure spending. Instead of the 2.2% growth we previously expected for those years, we now look for the economy to expand by 2.5% to 3%, depending on how much of Trump’s program is actually approved and whether Congress enacts other spending cuts to reduce the deficit. Strong consumer spending, driven by wage and employment gains, plus the buoyant stock market, is likely to be the main pillar supporting the economy next year. And with consumer confidence at a 13 year high, charitable giving should remain strong in 2017.

By: Chip Grizzard