3 Simple Ways to Target Your Offline Donors Online

Are you targeting the 37% of donors who prefer to give online?* Historically, multi-channel donors give more than single-channel donors – sometimes as much as four times more than direct mail-only donors. Multi-channel targeting has also shown to improve donor retention.

All of that to say, it’s important to try to engage your donors through multiple channels, online and offline. That’s not always easy if you have limited information on your donor records, but here are three tools and tactics that can help:

Run an eAppend

First, consider running an eAppend on your donor file. An eAppend uses the names and physical addresses from your donor file to match donors to their email addresses. This can be done on your full donor file or just for new donors you’ve acquired through your offline acquisition efforts throughout the year. As part of the eAppend process, new email addresses should receive an email asking them if they’d like to opt-out of email communications – ensuring you have a clean email list. Once you get the final email list, introduce your donors to your online resources and communications by sending them a welcome email or a series of welcome emails before adding them into your normal email stream.

IP Targeting

IP Targeting is a great tactic for increasing the frequency of your direct mail campaign messaging by serving your direct mail recipients banner ads as they browse the web. Similar to an eAppend, IP Targeting works by taking your donor mail file (with donor names and physical addresses) and matching the records to IP addresses for the households. Then, banner ads are served to devices on those IP addresses. Serving banner ads with messaging similar to your direct mail campaign creative not only adds another touchpoint with the donor, but also gives the donor a quick and convenient way to donate should they choose to click through on the ad and give to your campaign-specific donation page.

Facebook Custom Audience

Facebook custom audience requires a slightly different data set in that you need either donor phone numbers or email addresses. If you don’t have either, you can always start with an eAppend or phone append. However, with Facebook custom audience, your list of donor phone numbers and email addresses are uploaded into Facebook’s secure ad tool. Then, Facebook can tell you how many user accounts are associated with the donor records you provided. From there, you can target that list and serve them ads on Facebook and Facebook partner sites. In addition to adding another touchpoint into your campaign, these ads also give your donors a chance to like your Facebook page and share your content with their friends, family, and followers. (Side Note: Have you seen our blog on the free tool Facebook provides that will give you insight into the demographics of your email list? Check it out here!)

While there are a variety of ways to reach your donors online, these are some of our go-to tactics – especially at this time of year! Do you have some favorites of your own?
*Source: Grizzard’s DonorGrapicsTM Media Usage Study 2016.


By: Brandi Herson, Digital Strategist

By: Grizzard Communications