The Trusted Advisor Coaching Program

Recently, Grizzard brought in some spectacular advisors to lead us through a two day training session on trust-based selling, but really I would say that it was more about building trust-based relationships. It was much more about building trust relationships than just selling products or services within a trust-based model.

I think I speak for all of us when I say that our guide through those two days, Andrea Howe, really made a positive impression on us and helped to change our business practices for the better.

Following on the two day training sessions, we had several hours of as-needed advising that has made a big difference and been lot of help for most of us to make sure that we internalized what we had learned.

The first coaching call was a little intimidating…I really did not know what to expect. But, there was a client call fast approaching and I KNEW I NEEDED HELP. I quickly found out that talking to Stewart Hirsch, head of Trust-based Coaching was worth the call.

He delivered professional coaching beyond expectations and quickly assimilated the information I gave him.

We talked about what

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I had discussed with the client, and then with a few words using the new principles we learned in class, the whole picture fell into place. I realized I had all the pieces needed for my conversation, I knew what was important to the client….Stewart helped me focus on how to say it.

The price of admission … a 15 minute phone call. The outcome…a client who recognized that I heard everything she wanted from us and was happy to be engaged in the planning!

By: Grizzard Communications