Are you focused on Multichannel?

Your donors are. Direct mail. Telemarketing. Radio. Billboards. TV. Online. Social media. Mobile apps. Donors today live and engage in a multichannel world. And the ways they give are changing. Grizzard will synchronize your messaging through online and offline strategies for greater response and donor value.

How Donors Prefer to Give

Online is now the top preferred method of donation, exceeding mail for the first time. So a successful fundraising campaign today must include a strong online presence — multiple digital channels, with multiple opportunities to give.

In Person
Text Message
Base: U.S. Donors (online adults who are 12-month active donors) n=1,531.

Historical Donor Value by Channel

Don't think in terms of online or offline. Start to think in terms of single channel and multichannel. Donors who give through multiple channels can be twice as valuable as single channel givers. So it’s critical to communicate your single-focus message in both online and offline channels. That’s integration!

Direct Mail
White Mail
LTV of single channel donors
LTV of multichannel donors
Source: Grizzard Communications Group, 2013 Rescue Mission LTV Study

From Tunnel to Funnel

It’s time to stop thinking of your various revenue sources as separate entities — direct mail donations go into Bucket No. 1, online into Bucket No. 2, white mail into Bucket No. 3, and so on. Think of them all as pouring into one container, like rivers and streams flowing into one sea. Don’t tunnel your donors into separate silos.

And yes, direct mail remains a key part of the big picture. While online giving continues to increase, much of that is because donors became aware of you through a direct mail appeal. And we have the match-back studies to prove it. Just ask.

Are you sending a message that hits home?

Mission ministry looks quite different than it did back in the Great Depression. Your Mission continues to evolve, as does your message and the way it is received. Grizzard has evolved too. While we continue to employ proven direct mail strategies, we are integrating every new tool available to ensure the message reaches donors’ hearts, with great success for our clients. We can do the same for you, too.

How big does your Mission look on a little screen?

More and more charitable donations are coming in via mobile devices. In 2013, mobile browsing grew to 53 percent of all web traffic, a 7 percent increase over 2012. As of 2013:

Mobile is poised to be a key player in future fundraising. Your website — indeed, everything you do digitally — must be mobile-friendly to maximize giving. Let Grizzard’s digital specialists help.

What’s the online engine that drives your gifts?

Grizzard is at the forefront of 21st Century fundraising. Here are just a few of our latest initiatives to help you toward a fundraising revolution:

The Grizzard Giving Engine

A truly integrated, seamless digital fundraising solution, the Grizzard Giving Engine combines emails and donation pages, and syncs gifts back to your donor database. We create and deploy your emails, donation pages, and thank-you confirmations, while the donors’ gift history flows back into your database. Take a demo!

Homebase websites

At least two-thirds of donors will review your website before making a gift. With Homebase, we’ll upgrade your website to be more engaging and user-friendly. It's fully mobile adaptive, so it’ll look great on mobile devices, too. Grizzard is the leader in nonprofit website design, winning multiple awards for website upgrades.

Powerful Videos

It’s one thing for donors to read your stories and see great pictures of radically transformed lives as a result of your good work. But those stories can really come alive through video. Grizzard’s video experts bring Hollywood-caliber proficiency to their craft, while documenting your guests’ stories with sensitivity and dignity.

"What I really feel from Grizzard is that they are open to new ideas, to the future and to utilizing the web as it can be utilized." — Andy Bales, CEO Union Rescue Mission, Los Angeles, CA
"Grizzard is a forward-thinking partner and is taking us into the future with confidence and excitement." — Sean Carew, Executive Director Providence Rescue Mission, Providence, RI
"...Inner City Mission would not be open today if it weren't for Grizzard coming alongside us and helping us undertand how to touch and to tell our story to those who give to us." — Scott Payne, Executive Director Inner City Mission, Springfield, IL

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