IP Targeting Boosts Event Participation…and Revenue

IP Targeting Boosts Event Participation...and Revenue

Strategy matches participant files with IP addresses for targeted online messaging.


In the fall of 2015, Michigan Humane Society wanted to lift revenue by increasing the number of participants in their annual Mega March for Animals event. MHS viewed past participants as their primary target and wondered how to reach these folks in a way that would be both successful and cost-effective. Grizzard seized the unique opportunity to communicate with this audience via extremely targeted digital communications.


Grizzard proposed an IP Targeting strategy that worked in tandem with two already-strong MHS campaigns and focused on participants dating back to 2011.Running the clients’ existing participant file against multiple databases, our expert digital team was able to match names and physical addresses with IP addresses. This made it possible to specifically target past participants via online banner ads for a two-week period. The results were just what MHS was hoping for.


  • 84,517 impressions
  • 17.4 ad frequency.
  • 27% click-through rate

In every way, the test group that was targeted outperformed the control group:

  • Those targeted by the online ads were 37% more likely to participate.
  • 7% of targets participated in the walk (versus 5% of non-targets).
  • MHS enjoyed an additional18.7 participants per 1,000people targeted!
By: Grizzard Communications