Grizzard’s Newsletter Strategy Reaps Big Rewards

Grizzard's Newsletter Strategy Reaps Big Rewards


San Diego Humane Society had developed a magazine self-mailer which they sent out regularly to a large segment of donors and prospects. Each issue was aesthetically pleasing, filled with articles about how the organization was making a difference for animals, and featured images of cute, furry friends. Unfortunately, the magazine was also expensive. Most issues were barely breaking even.


Grizzard recommended a retooling of the magazine to a less expensive newsletter format. Our creative team developed an 8-page newsletter featuring a separate remit and a reply envelope. But perhaps the biggest difference from the magazine was the shift in tone. Rather than speaking to the organization’s achievements, all of the newsletter content was intentionally designed to be donor-centric — focusing on the impact the donor is making to help animals.


Upon mailing the first two issues, there was no question Grizzard’s newly developed newsletter was the clear winner:

  • 465% increase in year-overyear newsletter revenue.
  • 10% of all mail revenue for FY16.
  • 222% ROI for the first two issues!

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By: Grizzard Communications